Wednesday, November 03, 2004

6 straight, career worst for Davis

From Mercury News, San Jose:
We can now conclude that this is Al Davis' greatest nightmare and worst creation.

His Edsel. His Frankenstein. His agony. His Waterloo?

You saw what he saw during a 42-14 loss Sunday to the San Diego Chargers: a Raiders team that has no victories in its past five games, no hope, no direction, no way out and no chance against Marty Schottenheimer and Drew Brees.

No chance against Schottenheimer and Brees. Now there's a sentence that should chill the soul of any football man.

You saw what Davis saw, a 2-6 team that looks like it might and should never win again. You can imagine what he is thinking right now, with half a season left and a full-scale flop on his hands.

You know what this team is? It's the worst Davis has fielded in his 41-plus years with the Raiders -- from top to bottom, from offense to defense, from coaching staff to executive suite to practice squad.

Davis has never had back-to-back dismal teams. But last year's surly squad went 4-12, and everything Davis and his aides did to fix it has only made things more unwieldy, less stable . . .

It isn't going our way this season. Our last game is no exeption.. We had 22 total rushing yards which is laughable in this league of Professional Football players. We havn't really been able to get anything going this season. When we have , it hasn't lasted long. Our playoff run this year is nearly out of reach and we are barely mid-way through the season. Our defense isn't playing so great either. We had 10 penalties last game which cost us nearly 75 yards. With this combination of missed tackles and bad runs, it is getting our team more and more into the "L" column. Lets finish the second part of the season off with some "W"'s!


Anonymous said...

Oakland will be lucky if they are 4-12 this year...again.All that talent-perhaps more on defense than any team in the league.And what do the brilliant coaches do- dismantle a great team. They are horrible! What is with the 3-4 on defense. They have GREAT linemen and great corners. So why dont they play to their strengths? Nope they play to their weaknesses. They do not have the dominating lb's it takes to be successful in the 3-4.They need to play the 4-3 and man-to man on the outside.Right now they have NO pass rush cuz 3 men cant pressure the qb as they are proving.You cant give a qb 5 seconds average to throw the ball! He will pick you apart every time as every one of them has done. Kerry Collins has terrible numbers ,But I cant blame him. He doesnt have ANY one to throw the ball to! Norv comes in and destroys the best tandem of wr's in the history of the game, and the one half decent rec. Jerry porter, They dont use! Granted he has made it no secret he wants outta Oakland - I cant blame him for that.If the Raiders are lucky enough to win 4 games this year, I pray to the great Raider Gods that Al will FIRE NORV TURNER!!! He lost in Dallas, Miami , Washington San DIego, and now he has totally destroyed are Beloved Raiders. I wish Denver would hire him! I will check back in with the true love of my life- THE RAIDERS- the day I hear they fire Norv Turner

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