Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Pulling the Raiders Together

I think we have drafted some real defensive potential in Michael Huff of the University of Texas, Thomas Howard of UTEP and Darnell Bing of USC. But I'm even more excited to see a new quarterback--Aaron Brooks had enough going for him to actually get the New Orleans Saints to the playoffs, and if he can do it for the Saints...Most of all, I think Art Shell returning as head coach brings some experience, which, although it goes back aways, also includes experience dealing with Al Davis.



Man your a fool if you think AB is going to help you get into the playoffs.

But at least your positive.


615Saint said...

I wish you guys the best - but Brooks is a stop-gap at best. He is a guy with loads of potential, but has accomplished zero. Don't look at his statistics- they are padded due to playing in the hole for much of the second half of every game. We Saints fans will be watching Raiders' games in record numbers this year - mostly in hopes of seeing you guys snap and tear Aaron Brooks limb from limb after one of his patented interception/huge grin manuevers.

Michael Huff is a huge pickup for you, but you are going to need a quarterback soon.

The Analyzer said...

Brooks is just a fill in until our offensive line becomes solid enough to protect the less mobile Andrew Walter.

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J.C. said...

Thank you, Saints fans, for the heads up. I do try to stay positive, and in the case of Aaron Brooks, I like to remember that sometimes a change of scenery gives a player a fresh start. I can think that way in June, right? But "Analyzer," I gotta admit you've probably got a more accurate handle on the situation.