Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Is Two a Streak?

All I know is the last two games have felt a whole lot better than the five that preceded them. What is the most mind-boggling though is that a) Sunday's win was over the defending Super Bowl champs, and b) the Raiders' win evens up our [very pitiful] season record with theirs!

Gotta love those interceptions! Poor Ben Roethlisberger may have gone a whole game w/o another concussion, but Oakland did give him a headache!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

No Sour Grapes From Oakland

At least not from me. True, I was going to be looking for World Series tickets, but with the Detroit Tigers sweeping our A's aside like that, I can put that distraction aside and concentrate on our Raiders.

Need to start saving up for Super Bowl tickets instead, right? Hey, they say the Tigers have been waiting 22 years for a return to the World Series. It's not gonna take the Oakland Raiders that long to go for the Big One!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Back to the Blog

Yo yo, what’s up? Raider Nation in the house! Sorry I’ve been gone so long. I was actually busted a few months back, DWI. I had two beers. So obviously I didn’t have any time to write about the team. But I got my license back and the cable modem turned back on. I’m looking forward to getting back to it, even if I missed the first few weeks of the season.

I mean, two beers. C’mon!

Cleveland’s Losing Streak Ends, Oakland’s Goes On

Talk about that old cliché, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory! After all, 21 to 3 is a pretty substantial lead. That’s what our Raiders had going in the first half of our game with the Cleveland Browns on Sunday. So how did the game end up 24-21? I can’t really point to any one thing, partly because my head’s still spinning. It was like the Browns had been snoozing and then suddenly woke up ready to play.

Their quarterback, Charlie Frye, had a hot streak and he fired up the rest of his team. But if it can happen for Frye and the Browns, it can happen for Andrew Walter (this was his first NFL start, remember) and for Aaron Brooks, when he gets healthy again.